Clara Bagenal George addresses the AJ summit in London

Clara hits the stage at the AJ summit with a talk titled: No time to waste: Why the industry must pull together for a more sustainable future

The AJ Summit is a unique industry event which explores the key relationship between architects and clients.

It will offer practical insights and inspiration into making the most of this crucial relationship – to create better buildings and win more work.

AJ Summit will bring together clients and architects to share best practice, pinpoint innovation and learn to partner better – for mutual business benefit.

Why attend

Collaboration is critical especially on larger projects where multiple parties are involved. Typically, successful collaboration is achieved when all parties are around the table early, understand each other’s point of views and work towards the common goal.

  • Learn from stand-out case studies of effective partnerships that had great design outcomes
  • Increase your understanding of what clients want and how to build a successful relationship – as well as highlight the value you bring to a project
  • Hear from key clients and prominent architects from across the industry
  • Debate the biggest challenges facing the sector, from how architects add value to looking into ways to rebalance the relationship with clients and contractors
  • Network with industry leaders and decision-makers from clients, contractors, engineers, designers – all under one roof in one day


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Date(s): April 4, 2019