BUILDEX Calgary 2018

BUILDEX Calgary is Alberta’s largest tradeshow and conference for the construction, renovation, architecture, interior design, and property management industries. With more than 175 exhibits and 40 accredited seminars, BUILDEX attracts 3,500 attendees annually.

Integral Group is proud to be represented at BUILDEX Calgary by Principal Vladimir Mikler and Associate Melanie Ross as conference presenters.

Next Generation District Energy Systems

Building Performance, Culture & Community, Green, Innovation & Technology | Wednesday, November 7, 2018 | 1:45pm – 2:45pm


District energy systems are gaining momentum across North America. However, the traditional “heating Use of district energy systems is gaining momentum across North America. This trend, led by institutional campuses, such as universities or hospitals, and larger-scale commercial developments is being spurred by a wide variety of drivers ranging from performance improvements to existing steam or hot water networks, to more ambitious new systems targeting full transition to renewable and zero-carbon energy sources and technologies.

As the traditional approach to district energy “heating only” service no longer meets the current trends, needs, and goals of our society, Integral Group has developed several innovative “next generation” district energy solutions. These systems not only provide both heating and cooling but are flexible enough to accommodate a multitude of “low-carbon” and “low-exergy” sources and energy conversion technologies. These “next-generation” district energy systems are technically sound, have stellar environmental performance (some capable of achieving Net Zero Carbon), and are cost-competitive.

This presentation outlines the approach and methodology Integral Group has developed and used successfully for next-generation district energy systems. The speaker will illustrate these applications on several case studies of district energy projects currently in various stages of design and construction.


Affordable, Accessible and Sustainable Homes – The Trifecta of Housing Security

Building Performance, Culture & Community, Health & Wellness, Leadership & Business Improvement Thursday, November 8, 2018 | 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Melanie Ross

This presentation will demonstrate how affordable, sustainable, and accessible homes can be achieved simultaneously, without trade-offs. The presenters will explain how this can be accomplished by illustrating the various designs, materials, construction methods, and technologies available.

This presentation will help foster a culture of innovation in the housing industry to encourage adoption practices that ensure true affordability that is accessible and sustainable.

Elizabeth Huculak will focus on the affordability aspect of the presentation. She will demonstrate the need for affordable housing, and how improved design materials and building practices can lower shelter costs, improve homeowners’ quality of life, and improve housing security. Moreover, she will discuss the long-term affordability aspect of accessible and sustainable homes.

Darby Lee Young will then shed light on the need for universally accessible design in homes and communities by demonstrating how disabilities can affect almost everyone, in different ways and for different periods of time. She will also focus on the actual implementation of accessible design in homes, and how it can save homeowners money in the long run.

Finally, Melanie Ross will discuss various approaches to ensure the adoption of high-performance sustainability measures, to not only help save the environment but also to help homeowners save money.


Date(s): November 7, 2018

Speaker: Vladimir Mikler, Principal; Melanie Ross, Associate