Clara Bagenal George presents at the Turner and Townsend Real Estate Conference 2019.

Clara speaks about LETI, the  London Energy Transformation Initiative

Disrupting Real Estate

The technology boom is fundamentally changing the way we do things in life, for example food at the click of a button. With the rise of prop-tech companies, mountains of data available and increasing advances in the automation of tasks, it’s time for the next generation to help our industry to seize opportunities to embrace change and drive innovation.

We are seeking innovative new ideas that could become the next big transformers of the real estate and construction industry. We want to challenge how our industry currently operates and suggest fundamental innovations that could raise standards in construction, improve productivity, safety, efficiency or sustainability.

For example, ideas of how to address the evolution of work/life integration, or to drastically reduce the wastage in construction with a new way of building.

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Date(s): January 24, 2019