(Nov. 9, Portland, OR) International Living Future Institute and Integral Group are pleased to announce the publication of Integral: Revolutionary Engineering.

These inside stories share the challenges and lessons of many of Integral Group’s transformative designs around the world, including the first net zero lab, the largest net zero museum, Integral’s work with Infosys in India, healthy healthcare facilities in Europe, eco-districts in Canada and the eastern U.S., and some of the first Living Buildings in the world.

“Integral Group is focused on sustainability because we believe that net zero energy buildings and Living Buildings need to become the norm within a generation,” explains Kevin Hydes, founder and CEO of Integral Group. “We see ourselves as agents of change… catalysts. A big part of fulfilling that mission is through sharing information, ideas and inspiration and this book plays an important role in that purpose.”

Based on interviews and anecdotes from more than 30 engineers and complete with hand-drawn illustrations of innovative systems, the stories reveal a philosophy of innovation in design and a style of leadership that both inspires and teaches how teams can push past standard practices to reach for the highest performance possible.

“We hope that this book inspires architects to collaborate more completely and to include building performance as a first priority,” comments ILFI’s CEO Jason McLennan. “We also hope that this book will inspire building owners and developers to reach higher with their projects and to demand excellence from their design teams. In short, we want this book to play an important role in changing the way all of us who shape the built environment think and practice.”

“Integral has been consistently at the bleeding edge of innovation adding to the technical body of knowledge and providing leadership for the green building movement,” says Rick Fedrizzi, President and CEO, USGBC, adding, “No matter what you think you know, you’ll find more than one ‘Ah-Ha! Moment’ in Integral:  Revolutionary Engineering.”

Revolutionary Engineering is available in the Greenbuild bookstore and at International Living Future Institute’s booth on the Greenbuild Expo floor. The book is also available for ordering online at: http://living-future.org/integral-revolutionary-engineering