The climate negotiations (COP21) in Paris were a vital turning point in the global commitment to limit climate change below extremely dangerous levels. UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) catalyzed and consolidated private and public sector action to ensure a positive outcome from COP21. These commitments will lead to significant collective reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the pace and scale required in the built environment.

Their call to action supported the inaugural “Buildings Day” at COP21 on 3rd December. Organised through the UN, Buildings Day was designed to put the buildings and construction sector on a well “below 2°C path”. A whole range of commitments were published, from an unprecedented number of partner organisations.

As a key stakeholder in Buildings Day, WorldGBC – supported by UKGBC and other national GBCs – has issued a “Collective Commitment” on the role that buildings must play at the global scale and Elementa Consulting are one of the first members to make our own corporate commitments, demonstrating our ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment:

“On every Elementa project we will communicate to Clients the opportunities and benefits of Net Positive Energy Buildings. We will collaborate across disciplines to reduce energy demands, accelerate the adoption of new carbon saving technologies, and support energy-saving behaviours.”

The World Green Building Council (WGBC), national Green Building Councils and member companies – commit to mobilising a global market transformation in order to advance by 2030 and achieve by 2050 two fundamental goals:

  • Net Zero carbon on new buildings and major renovations
  • Energy efficiency and deep refurbishment of existing stock

Elementa’s Ben Galuza was in Paris attending COP21 on behalf of Integral Group –  he live blogged from the event “It was clear to me that the building industry is prepared for the coming challenge. We have a plan. We know what to do and we know how to do it. And we’re going to keep doing it… . The people constructing and designing the next generation of evolving cities are not lay people. They are highly creative, adaptable, resilient people. If they weren’t they would not have survived in this highly dynamic and cyclical market. I know we are all capable of tackling climate change. It will be our greatest hour. The only question that remains to me is, will central governments decide to be a part of the solution?”

Green Buildings are the solution. Cost-effective, they generate economic, health, and social benefits for all.

For information, please visit UKGBC Climate Pledges and Pledges So Far.