Climbing the Ladder

In 2008 after completing my GCSEs I was, like so many other young people, at a crossroads trying to decide what to do with my future. Whilst I was passionate about graphic design and science at school, I had always been interested in building renovation and architecture. Through my school, I found an opportunity to apply for an apprenticeship scheme with an engineering consultancy that would connect my passions and interests together. This opened up the idea of pursuing a career within construction, and after successfully applying for the scheme, I began my career as a Technical Trainee at the age of 16.

During my early years as an apprentice, I completed my National Certificate in Building Services Engineering, achieving a distinction before moving onto my HNC. Initially, I split my time 50/50 between the production of MEP drawings in AutoCAD and Electrical Engineering.  Gaining project experience ranging from hospitals to large-scale metro projects both in the UK and overseas. It was these service heavy environments, requiring intricate services coordination that steered me towards 3D Deliverables & Building Information Modelling.

Equal Opportunities and Youth Mentorship

Throughout my time in the industry, I have been passionate about promoting women in engineering. I was an Apprentice Group Representative, which included visiting local schools and partaking in the interview process for new apprentices. A girl from the school I had visited was a successful applicant and now works in Engineering as well. I was also a mentor to an apprentice, supporting them through their college, NVQ, and application to acquire Engineering Technician status, which I had obtained a few years prior.

I am a STEM Ambassador and lead a Youth & Education initiative at my company. Within the last year, 5 of our team members applied to become STEM Ambassadors, allowing us to utilize the STEM platform to promote engineering, sustainability & BIM at four events. Another focus was creating work experience opportunities, part of our initiative was collaborating with a local girl’s school whose students are undertaking a GSCE in construction and have received a really positive number of applications. Looking forward, we hope to strengthen our framework around Work experience students, Interns, and Apprentices as well as continuing with external outreach opportunities. As well as those interested in science and maths, I think it is important to endorse other skill sets such as creative thinking and visualization; with the intention of breaking down stereotypes for future generations.

My current role is Associate within the BIM Team at Elementa Consulting. With the industry-wide gender balance average being 9% female, I am proud to work for a company that strives for equality in the workplace with 24% of technical staff being female, and a company-wide culture that is inclusive and open.