Insights By: Keeley O'Reilly

Design Analytics | Your Questions, Answered

May 12,2021

Design analytics optimises the performance of districts, enhances the quality of space between buildings, develops climate responsive building skins, and drives whole building performance. At our IG VISION webinar in June 2020, David Barker talked us through the ins and out of design analytics drawing on his extensive experience with comprehensive analysis and empirical modelling.There…

5 Reasons Vacuum Toilets Are the Future of Healthcare

Apr 23,2021

As we look for ways to save increasingly finite resources, build more sustainable structures, and design hygienic and safe environments, will vacuum toilets become more prominent in the built environment? Vacuum toilets are not new. They have been around since the 1950s in the aeronautical and marine industries, but the features and benefits of vacuum…

7 Questions Australian Primary Schools Have About Electrification

Mar 17,2021

Integral Group is rewriting the rules for sustainable buildings and precincts around the globe. Schools are the perfect environment to implement sustainable design solutions as they are an important part of any community and learning environments for the next generation. In this Integral Insight, Associate Principal Hugh Wilson answers some key questions asked by school…

Assessing Connectivity in Digital Buildings

Mar 15,2021

How do building owners guarantee their investment provides exceptional digital experiences for their tenants? A digital connectivity and technology review or WiredScore rating could help. What is WiredScore? A WiredScore rating is a global digital connectivity rating scheme, working with landlords to assess, improve, benchmark and promote their buildings. How does it work? By benchmarking…

Understanding Public Private Partnerships in Australia

Jun 29,2020

Over the years, Umow Lai, a member of Integral Group, has developed an integrated approach and delivery of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Australia, specializing in healthcare facility projects. Read Elizabeth Coe’s take on the PPP process and why having an experienced team is essential for success. The Devil is in the Details – Unpacking PPP…

The Art of Designing Performing Spaces

May 26,2020

With broad experience in the performing arts industry, Simon Austin, the newest Senior ICT / AV Consultant, is an exciting addition to the Melbourne ICT team. Read below as he reflects on his career and what it means to give life to performing arts spaces. What inspired you to join Umow Lai (a member of…