Assessing connectivity in digital buildings

How do building owners guarantee their investment provides exceptional digital experiences for their tenants? A digital connectivity and technology review or WiredScore rating could help.

What is WiredScore?

A WiredScore rating is a global digital connectivity rating scheme, working with landlords to assess, improve, benchmark and promote their buildings.

How does it work?

By benchmarking a building’s level of connectivity, infrastructure, and resilience against the broader office market through an independent and thorough review. A WiredScore rating classes a building as Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Certified, highlighting the building’s ability to meet different levels of digital connectivity and smart building capabilities.

Is WiredScore available in my region?

WiredScore is a global rating that launched in New York and is now available across the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. Associate Principal Sean Wooster is an accredited WiredScore assessor and technology expert in Integral’s Melbourne office. He assesses the digital connectivity of a building and guides building owners around the world through the WiredScore global digital connectivity rating system. 

“I have seen clients improve their end-user experience and return on their investment in their building’s by using WiredScore. I’m excited Integral is now offering this scoring system alongside our full complement of technology services.”

How would a WiredScore rating benefit my building?

Having unreliable support for users mobile devices in the workplace is not acceptable. An independent rating of building connectivity and smart capabilities enables tenants to understand and trust the digital performance of their space. It ensures a building can adapt to emerging technologies, future-proofing it against changing tenant demands and making the asset more resilient and profitable for building owners.

To learn more about how a digital connectivity assessment or WiredScore accreditation could benefit your building, please get in touch with Sean here.