Monthly Archives: June 2017

Scale ZNE: Technologies Needing Growth

June 15, 2017

Many of our initial zero net energy buildings revolved around a few key design goals: eliminate the compressor and keep it all electric. At the time, this resulted in pushing the limits of cooling tower systems, making cold water at night, using warmer temperature water (55F to 60F) through chilled beams, radiant slabs, or displacement systems.…

District Energy 101: 7 Steps to Success

June 9, 2017

District energy systems are becoming increasingly common, particularly in North America. Traditionally, district energy systems have provided heating options only, but increasing global temperatures have given rise to the demand for campus-scale systems that can provide heating as well as cooling options. Integral Group is leading the industry with innovative solutions and approaches with the…

The True Value of Zero Net Energy Buildings

June 8, 2017

At Integral Group, we make every effort to guide our clients towards their greatest potential in sustainable design. Throughout California, there is major buzz around Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings. The Vision of Zero Net Energy For some, ZNE is about saving energy, avoiding carbon emissions, and balancing the energy used on a site with…