Basildon Hospital Endoscopy/Winter Wards

basildon endoscopy unit

This project involved the extension and conversion of an existing ward to develop a new endoscopy suite to the front of the existing building to include treatment rooms, reception, and recovery suite with bedded accommodation. Elementa Consulting attended all pre-selection meetings and preparations in order to assist with securing the project. We then actively participated in all design team and client user group meetings and workshops in order to determine and deliver the client brief. All M&E specifications and drawings were delivered on time to the team.

The scheme was designed to the budget early on. Elementa contributed to the value engineering phase throughout & proposed a number of engineering modifications in order that the budget was met. In one instance the requirement for 2 air handling units was reduced to 1 with no impact on the building environmental conditions.

All M&E services have been completed within the budget. Close liaison with the hospital estates team enabled the utilisation of significant elements of the existing heating & primary chilled water distribution system, thereby removing the requirement for additional boilers &. chillers.

The ward chosen for conversion and extension was located in the middle of the existing building & the services had to be adapted to suit the new clinical facility. We understood that the existing clinical services could not be disrupted whilst construction was taking place and that the respect & privacy of existing patients needed to be at the foremost of our efforts. The team worked closely with the Trust in order that the phasing could meet this requirement. The result was no disruptions to the normal clinical operations.

Due to our understanding of HTM’s and HBN’s Elementa were able throughout the project to challenge the design and derogate where possible with no effect on the final building environment.

By significant survey & analysis of existing plant within the undercroft area we were able to determine existing capacities and capabilities to establish the ability to utilise existing plant. As a consequence of our surveys and liaisons with the trust engineers we were then requested to undertake additional work on existing plant and services including the upgrade of the hospital distribution networks including new main LV switch panels and chilled water pumps.

On the same site the Winter Wards were also undertaken by Elementa. The new 28-bed ward is designed to increase capacity for emergency patients during the winter period and also includes a nursing station and bathrooms. A modular approach was used to deliver the facility under the ProCure21+ national framework. In total, 33 modular units were built, with the development designed and manufactured in just eight weeks. It then took one further week for the modular components to be placed on site by crane, significantly reducing the overall project programme.

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