Basildon Hospital Accident and Emergency

Healthcare Profile - Basildon Hospital; Accident & Emergency (A&E)_1.1

Refurbishment of an operational A&E Department and associated fracture clinic at Basildon General Hospital. The phased works were undertaken over two years in 14 stages in order to bring the department up to date and provide improved clinical service delivery for this facility with minimal disruption. Elementa programmed the works to ensure safe access for users without halting or reducing the public utilisation of these critical services. We provided all mechanical, electrical, public health and sustainability engineering design for this project.

A critical success factor which was integrated into the programme at an early stage in the project was the recognition that the refurbishment and improvement works needed to take place with no disruption to the A&E services. To understand how this could be achieved a workshop involving departmental users was facilitated for us to gain comprehensive understanding operational patterns and prioritisations of space usage. The team then developed an extensive program clearly identifying the multiple phasing necessary to undertake the works. This included providing temporary corridors and access routes with new lighting and fire alarms to allow the department to function without interruption of the 24 hour service provision.

Elementa worked closely with the M&E subcontractors in order to establish electrical circuit testing to establish which circuits were affected by the works to allow temporary circuits to be installed to maintain required services. Early in the scheme, this program was presented back and discussed with the department users and estate staff for their comment, sign off and provide agreement. The resultant program identified the need for 14 phases of work over a 24 month period which achieved BREEAM ‘Very Good’.

This was an exemplar project of excellent collaboration between the project teams as well as the regular proactive interaction with the client, stakeholders and end users to ensure that the multiple phasing that was implemented was to best advantage of the Hospital minimising risks to the departments that continued in providing an uninterrupted A&E service to the community.

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